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Forty years of business experience in supply chain management,  general management, strategic planning and c-suite working with varied organizations has uniquely positioned me to offer consulting services.

Often organizations become reluctant to explore new opportunities and become stagnant. During my career I largely worked as a change agent working cross functionally, building a collaborative environment benefiting all aspects of the business. 

Growing up on Long Island the youngest of four boys I quickly learned to fight for what you believe in and adapt to situations while sticking to your principles.

My Dad, a Second World War Veteran, and a machinist would share stories of his work day at the dinner table. One lesson I learned was to listen to those that do the work. He would express his frustration when Engineers would bring down Blue Prints and not listen to the Machinist recommendations. The frustration came when if they had listened the job would have been done right the first time. That lesson of listening to those closest to the finished product has served me well in business.

Upon graduation from high school I attended Mount St. Mary's University, Emmitsburg, Maryland graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance.

I worked for foreign owned, multinational, sole proprietor and a cooperative.  Finding my way in new organizations I fought for what I believed right, adapted to the culture, listened to employees and added value.

My sincerest hope is that you will give my organization and me the opportunity to work with you and your organization to put the pieces of the puzzle together creating a path forward to long term success for your organization. 

- Charles Haberkorn

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