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Holistic Business considers the policies and processes of the entire enterprise as opposed to focusing only on specific components. 

When a pebble is tossed into a pond the ripples go out in rings from the point of impact. Business decisions taken in functional isolation may, on the surface, look positive for a function yet may cause disarray in other functions that interact in the process. 

This is where looking at the entire enterprise comes into play. Looking at the entire enterprise and the inter-relations of other functional areas your organization does things faster, better, with less expense to provide value and convenience to the customer and consumer. It is from providing value that pricing may be raised. 

Removing waste and increased pricing allows for top line growth, cost control and increased profit. 

At Somers Bay Consulting each company is provided with a unique approach that allows for you to capitalize on your company’s culture and resources to provide value and convenience to your customers and consumers now and in the future. 

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