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In my newsletters, I have written of a disciplined process of attaining the desired results of an organization. Those newsletters can be found at click on Blog.

The process I have written about starts with defining success of the organization and building meaningful consistent performance measures to track progress. However, the process truly starts with the realization that things can be better.

In “The Business Case for Hope: creating the future you want," the article appeared in Forbes Magazine, February 5, 2019, authored by Dr. Shane Lopez, the definition of hope in business stated as “hope the belief that things could be better and that you can make them better.” Hope is a call to action to make things better. Another quote from Dr. Lopez, “followers look to leaders to capitalize on the spirit of ideas and ideas of the time, dream big and motivate them toward a meaningful future.” Senior Leadership is tasked to set the process and move the process forward to motivate and inspire employees. Set the definition of success, the desired results, continuous performance measures, and 3 to 5 imperatives that when completed will satisfy the definition of success and accomplish the desired results.

Next Senior Leadership must thoughtfully and objectively choose the team leader of each imperative. Choosing without emotion and feeling use empirical data to make the choice. These individuals are entrusted to select team members, develop initiatives with their team and hold working sessions where expectations and accountabilities will be judged to be sure progress is being made. Use your consistent performance measures to review progress.

Dr. Lopez states four core beliefs of hopeful people. They are, the future will be better than the present, you have a say in how your life unfolds, there are multiple pathways to achieving personal and professional goals and there will be obstacles along the way. Your imperative leaders need to be hopeful people.

Senior Leadership must also articulate to all in the organization the desired results, the process being utilized, expectations, accountabilities and compensation for reaching the desired results by successfully attaining the consistent performance measures. This communication begins to build trust, empowers team leaders and holds all accountable empirically. This is instrumental in developing the culture of we are all in this together.

Regardless your career choice, position in the company or your present personal life circumstances applying the core beliefs of a hopeful person is important. Also, setting performance measures, routinely assessing progress toward reaching the performance measures and holding ourselves accountable will make things in the future better.

As we approach Thanksgiving in the US, religious holidays if we are so inclined, and a New Year reflecting on being that hopeful person is rewarding. Realize things can be better in the future and we can make them better. There is no better time to start on a life journey of professional and personal betterment.

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