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  • Charlie Haberkorn

In a world of instability, people are looking for stability

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

In times of natural disaster, civil unrest, geopolitical events and pandemic having a disciplined approach to attaining desired results builds a culture of adaptability.

Oftentimes discipline is thought of as rigid and uncompromising. Quite the opposite building a process that has discipline sets expectations and accountability. When events occur and you need to adapt understanding the desired outcomes of the organization, the imperatives that the organization has set, initiatives in motion and the consistent measures of progress and success the entire organization if trained and mobilized in a discipline approach is quick to adapt.

At the center of the process is customer and consumer satisfaction. Using the satisfaction index to be certain the product and or service being delivered regardless the situation is the most important measure. Satisfying your consumer of the good or service you provide allows you to potentially gain additional customers and or consumers by outperforming your competition.

Often closely held companies, entrepreneurs and non-profits do not have the resources to develop such disciplined approaches. Scale of business, economic constraints…… necessitate looking outside the organization for a facilitator, mentor and champion of the process.

Through a series of working sessions starting with a one on one with the head of the organization,then with the head of organization, direct reports and the facilitator then followed by a roll out of the process throughout the organization the process becomes disciplined.

Modeling behavior at the senior level, developing imperatives, initiatives and meaningful performance measures to chart progress that allows for attaining the desired results of the organization builds the disciplined approach.

A couple of sports analogies. A basketball player that has a great jump shot, yet is lacking in defensive skills, rebounding or ball handling needs to have a resource, a coach, to help develop lacking skills and still needs to hone the best skill at the same time. It is true with the head of an organization that may not have the resources for all the functional areas of a large company reach out to a coach. That coach being a third party to come in and mentor.

Playing baseball our coach would field a team, put runners on the bases, call out a situation inning, outs and score and hit the ball. All nine in the field had a role as well as the baserunners. Repeating the situations, built confidence when a situation happened, even if different than our preparation we were ready and knew what to do. With having the confidence of the practice, we became very adaptable and each person knew their responsibility. It is that way in business. Building confidence in one another through trust and disciplined approach which I equate to the working sessions on a weekly basis throughout the organization. Having a third party facilitating the sessions is like the coach.

I realize not everyone likes or may understand the sports analogies. Call or email and I will be happy to meet in person, if allowable, or via virtual meeting to elaborate on the process.

At the heart of it all is your customer and consumer of your good and or service. Having that customer and consumer satisfaction level high regardless of what is going on shows stability. In a world of uncertainty people are looking for stability.

Charlie Haberkorn


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