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  • Charlie Haberkorn

Positive Attitude During Uncertain Times

Staying positive through uncertain times allows you to best seek support from others. We all know people gravitate toward positive people.

Mental health is important as we are bombarded with news. Use relaxation, meditation, exercise and other techniques to free up your mind. Spend time in quiet thought before interacting with others. Being mindful of the words you use in advance of any conversation will have lasting effect on those around you.

Building a positive environment in dealing with uncertainty will provide an atmosphere of trust and thoughtfulness for all you interact with daily. Keep in mind people are dealing with anger and despair more than ever. Be sensitive to those you interact with as their needs must be addressed. Allow for open communication as much as possible and accommodate people’s request as much as possible.

Much apprehension exists on what daily life will be like. Depending upon your business and where you are located circumstances may be different. Be flexible as it is important to you, your employees, your customers and consumers. Many of us have rules we like to follow. Those rules are and will be challenged. Being flexible and remaining true to your principles will build confidence in all interactions.

Stay positive, stay true, build trust and success will follow.

It is important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of others. Say thank you, it means a lot.

Many years ago, I was given a piece of advice I would like to share. That advice, know what you do not know and find someone you trust that does know. Someone that knows what you do not. A little vulnerability and the trust of a good advisor can be priceless.

Somers Bay Consulting helps you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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